Managing Partner


Crispin is a sustainable fashion expert committed to discovering creative business solutions for the brands of tomorrow. 

His expertise in financial planning, product design, responsible production and developing sound go-to-market strategies has proven invaluable to his clients. 

As creative director of PINO, a Portland-based menswear brand Crispin founded early in his career, he learned firsthand the impact of fashion on people and the planet. Through this experience, he co-founded the Portland Apparel Lab—a business accelerator for innovative and responsible fashion entrepreneurs. Eventually, this lead him to partnering with The Nature Conservancy on its NOYA Fibers sustainable cashmere project and co-founding Futuremade. 

A dedicated leader in the movement toward a better fashion industry, Crispin advocates that responsible innovation is the catalyst for future-proofing business through resource and operational efficiencies, considered design, social and scientific advancement—all of which is vital to future brand value and profitability. 

He is inspired by the shapes of Alvar Aalto, the allure of  60s Pierre Cardin, the sounds of hard bop, Enrico Caruso and Jay Z, the refractions of Dan Flavins, the simplicity of nature, the breathtaking might of the sea and the humanity of Yoko Ono. Jane Jacobs is his hero.

Catch him reading while waiting for his flights, dancing in public, bicycling through the streets of Los Angeles and New York.  He believes great design is a way of life.